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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a few inquiries, and that’s perfectly normal; many people do. Here’s a brief compilation of some common questions people pose to us, along with our responses. If you still have a question, feel free to reach out to us (or give us a call), and we’ll gladly provide the answers you’re looking for.

Excellent question. We’re not real estate agents, and we don’t list properties. As professional home buyers, we acquire houses in Worcester that align with our criteria for purchase. Subsequently, we might undertake repairs and resell the property to another homeowner or retain it as a rental ourselves.

Many of the properties we acquire are below market value, as it allows us to resell them at a profit to another homeowner. We seek a fair discount on a property, and in our experience, many sellers appreciate the advantages we bring—such as a quick cash offer, a swift closing process without waiting for financing, and the elimination of the need for your time, effort, or expenses to fix up the property or pay agent fees. If you’re seeking a fast sale and value these benefits, let’s explore if we can arrive at a mutually beneficial price. Moreover, our no-obligation pricing commitment ensures you have the flexibility to decide whether to proceed with the offer we present, providing clarity on our offering.

Excellent question, and we’re transparent about our approach: Our method is simple and direct. We assess factors such as the property’s location, necessary repairs, its current condition, and the values of comparable houses recently sold in the area. Given the significant decline in house values over the past 5 years, with many areas yet to witness a complete recovery, we carefully consider various pieces of information to arrive at a fair price that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

This sets us apart from the conventional approach to selling your house: There are absolutely NO fees or commissions when you choose to sell your house to us. If our offer aligns with your needs, we’ll purchase your house (and frequently cover the closing costs too!). No complications. No fees. Our earnings come after covering any repairs on the house (if needed) and selling it for a profit. We shoulder the risks of selling it for a profit after acquiring it from you—leaving you free from the property’s burden and its payments, often with cash in hand.

Real estate agents list properties and rely on potential buyers. They show properties to interested buyers (with the average time to sell being 6-12 months in many markets) and earn a percentage of the sale price if a buyer is found. Typically, an agent’s commission is 3-6% of the sale price (meaning a $100,000 house could incur $3,000 – $6,000 in commissions). Agents provide a valuable service for those willing to wait 6-12 months to sell and don’t mind allocating part of the sale price for commissions. However, here’s where we differ: We’re not agents; we’re home buyers. Our company directly purchases houses; we don’t list them. Since we’re the ones buying the house from you and transacting in all cash, we can decide within a couple of days (sometimes the same day) to buy your house. Our business model involves taking the risk by using our own cash to buy the house, handle repairs, and independently market it to find a buyer (which is the challenging part in this market).

There is absolutely no obligation on your part. After you share some details about your property, we’ll assess the information, possibly arrange a call to learn more, and then present you with a fair all-cash offer that benefits both parties. Subsequently, the decision to sell your house to us is entirely yours, and we won’t pressure you or bother you. It’s entirely your choice, and we respect your decision on what’s best for you.

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